HVFC Members Sharpen their Stokes Basket Rigging Skills
By Chief Troy Hipsley
March 15, 2022

Today members took advantage of the break in the Maryland weather to sharpen their rigging skills with Truck2. 13 volunteers and 3 paid engineers took part in today’s training. We started with a classroom review of new rope rescue equipment assigned to Truck 2 and the new stokes basket evolution procedures. We then moved outside and completed a practical evolution so that all members present could complete the various tasks. The stokes basket evolution is a low frequency, high risk procedure that requires our members to keep refreshing their skills in the event we need to put them to use in an emergency situation. Look for us to complete more training like this around the community as the weather breaks. If your interested in becoming a member we provide this training free of charge to our members. Check out the recruitment portion of our website for more information and to complete and application.

Units: Truck 2
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