By President James P Dwyer
January 29, 2021

During our 120 years of service to the Hampstead community the demands on the fire, rescue and emergency medical services has grown exponentially in complexity, sophistication and skills required to deliver these advanced services. Our current building located at 1341 North Main Street in Hampstead was built in the early 1970s and was never designed to house duty crews or to address the complexities and requirements of cleaning and detoxifying from hazardous materials and carcinogens.

The recent pandemic has emphasized the critical nature of fire and EMS services as the first line of assessment and intervention to protect all citizens and deliver lifesaving care. It has also highlighted the need to separate front-line emergency service areas used by Firefighters, EMS and HVFD personnel, from public access areas routinely used for fund raising, public service education, social events and community meetings.

With all this in mind, we want to take this opportunity to make you aware of a significant investment the HVFD is making to ensure the highest level of Fire, Rescue and Advanced Life Support EMS services for the Town of Hampstead, Carroll County and surrounding communities. We plan on breaking ground in the Spring of 2021 on the first phase of constructing a new Fire and EMS Operations Station, and a new Social Hall to be located on the site of the current fire station at 1341 North Main Street in Hampstead.

The multi-phase project includes:
1. Construct a new interim operations building at the rear of the existing property which will be built first and will house all of the fire and EMS vehicles, equipment and personnel for about one year while we demolish and rebuild the main station. This building is expected to be ready by the 4th qtr. 2021.

2. Demolish existing fire station and construct a new building fronting on main street as the primary operations center for emergency services. This building will house all emergency vehicles, and contain offices, bunk rooms, training rooms, kitchen, and necessary storage and cleaning capabilities to keep equipment and turnout gear ready for service. Slated for completion EOY 2022

3. Upon completion of the new Fire Station, all of the equipment in the interim operations building will be relocated to the new Fire Station and the interim building will be converted to a fully functioning Social Hall. The new social hall will be designed to host wedding receptions, parties, meetings, and fund-raising events with the capacity of up to 325 people depending on configuration of the event. This will permit the appropriate separation of emergency services from fund raising and will provide a much-needed higher end social venue for the community. The Social Hall is expected to open Spring 2023.

We encourage and welcome any of our citizens who may be interested in volunteering your time and talent to help in fund raising, to please check out our homepage at

We will continue to keep the community appraised of our progress and how you can support these significant investments.

Attachment HVFD New Fire Station and Social Hall for Public release.pdf  (128k)