Today Marks The End Of An Era - THANK YOU HVFC Corporation Employees
By Fire Lieutenant JJ Lynott
June 30, 2024

Today is a historic day for Hampstead VFC. Today is the last day that our HVFC (corporation) employees will be on duty. As Carroll County continues the transition to a county based combination Fire & EMS system, tomorrow will be another historic day as Carroll County Department of Fire & EMS (DFEMS) will be assigning employees (3) to Hampstead.

Over the last three decades Hampstead VFC has employed personnel to help staff our apparatus to ensure a consistent level of service to our community.

We will join six other stations in Carroll County that have County-Sponsored career staffing that supplements the volunteers.To be clear, our volunteers are still active and still responsible for the majority of our community emergencies. As well as, all the apparatus, building(s) and property are owned and maintained by the volunteer fire companies.

The three career personnel from DFEMS positions will be on duty 24/7/365, this includes a Paramedic, an Firefighter/EMT (Ambulance Driver), and an Fire Apparatus Driver Operator (Fire Engine Driver). This is the same coverage that HVFC has employed in the same capacity for last several years, prior to that the FADO was Monday through Friday daytime. Volunteers and Career staff will continue to work hand-in-hand to provide the highest quality care for our community and you will not be able to tell a difference other than the patch/shirt.

All the county volunteer fire companies still need your support, more than ever, through events and fund raising. We always have been, and will continue to be, responsible for responding to incidents, apparatus purchases, and building improvements. In fact, HVFC has made an over 9 MILLION dollar investment with our new fire station and events center project. These funds are directly raised by the volunteers.

Today, we would like to take a minute and THANK all our current, and those that have previously served HVFC as a paid employees. Your service and dedication did not go unnoticed and we very much appreciate you!

We wish all of our employees the best in your future endeavors! We are also committed to continue our partnership with the new staff and the Carroll County Department of Fire & EMS.

Enjoy just a few pictures from around the firehouse and community of our paid staff and volunteers.