HVFC Members Train On New Hydraulic Rescue Tools
By Assistant Chief Troy Hipsley
November 8, 2020

Today members trained with our new Hurst EWXT battery operated hydraulic rescue tools. Our new tools consist of S799 Cutter, SP777 Spreader, SC758 Combo, R521 and R522 Ram. The battery operated tools will allow us to deploy our tools quicker and not have to be connected directly to our truck. The new tools are also watertight and can be operated in water up to 11 feet deep if necessary. We will have more trainings like this prior to placing them in service to allow our members to refine their skills. Thank you to Ron Carr from MES for showing us the capabilities of our new tools.


Eddie Bilger November 08, 2020 at 11:01 PM
Awesome array of tools