By Firefighter/EMT Cole Milewski
December 2, 2019

On December 16th through December 20st, Santa will be coming on the fire truck to Hampstead. We please ask that families that live down smaller side streets and dead end roads please come to the nearest intersection or main road to see Santa. Once you begin to hear the sirens signalling that Santa is coming start to bundle up to come out and await Santa. This greatly helps Santa keep his tight schedule while making his rounds and insures he will get back to the North Pole in time for Christmas.

The general routes are as follows.

Night #1- 12/16/18-Santa will be coming to the areas and neighborhoods of Snydersburg Road, Mar Sue Dr, Wellesley Ct, North Brook Dr, and Schaeffer Dr

Night #2- 12/17/18-Santa will be coming to the areas and neighborhoods of Coon Club Road, Houck Road, Houcksville Road, Academy Dr, Aspen Dr, Devonshire, Willow Street, Dakota Road, Shiloh Ave, N Carroll St

Night #3- 12/18/18-Santa will be coming to the areas and neighborhoods of Upper Beckleysville Road, Indian Court, Warparth Drive, Fairmount Road , Dave Rill Road, Hi View Rd, Moon Light Dr, Rockbrook Trailer Park, and Maple Grove Road.

Night #4- 12/19/18-Santa will be coming to the areas and neighborhoods of North Carroll Farms, Saint Paul Street, Northview Dr, Kempfield Dr, Small Crossings, Black Rock Road, Zakira Court, Sterling Court, and Hanover Pike north of the firehouse

Night #5- 12/20/18-Santa will be coming to the areas and neighborhoods of Wolf Hill Drive, Phillips Drive, Wynside Ln, Cedarbrook Road, and Roberts Field. At the completion of the neighborhoods, Santa will travel down Main Street beginning at Northwoods Trail at 2045 hours and ending at the firehouse.

Night 1-4 : 7pm to 9:30pm
Night 5: 6:00 pm to 9:00pm

All times and dates are subject to change in the event of emergency responses or inclement weather.

********************************************************************************************* The exact streets that Santa will visit are highlighted in yellow in the attached maps.**********

Attachment HVFC Santa Night 1.pdf  (1,463k)
Attachment HVFC Santa Night 2 .pdf  (1,546k)
Attachment HVFC Santa Night 3 .pdf  (842k)
Attachment HVFC Santa Night 4 .pdf  (1,060k)
Attachment HVFC Santa Night 5 .pdf  (821k)

Christine Pollock December 03, 2019 at 7:23 AM
How small does a smaller side street need to be for Santa to avoid? We live on Harrowsmith Ct in North Carroll Farms and there’s an 18 month old next door that’s waiting to see Santa arrive. We live at the very end of the court! I’m 70 and love seeing Santa every year! It’s great HVFD does this for our town. THANK YOU!